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Another evening at the club Essay

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The bond between a young bride and a much older husband is one always filled with much confliction, but security. In the short story “Another Evening at the Club” we explore this very bond. Samia, a Muslim woman who have found herself to be suited with a man, a rather wealthy, important man named Abbond Bey. Within the story, Samia displays much submissive behaviors while Abbond shows more dominant traits. These two factors radiate the idea of how Samia plays the role she has been practicing for her whole life influences the identity of Abbonds male identity.

Toward the beginning of the story, the writer takes us to the home of Samia, where she have had first met the man whom on the very same day has been chosen to be by her side till one or both life ends. Her father and Abbond are sitting at the table, exchanging in banter, terms, and cigarettes while Samia play coy in the corner after being told to sit. After a while she was commanded to join her mother in the kitchen with a mere glance. This shows the authority of the man in the house she was raised in.

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Her mother not even in the same room discussing matters with her husband and her soon to be step son and with a simple glance the daughter notes to leave. This portrays how the role of men in her life and how much authority they have had. Also gives us a hint on how she might react with her new “beloved. ” Shown at the wedding Abbond shows his understanding of Samias mind set by explaining to her that she may be young but she must show herself with suitable dignity. He told her to preach who she was married to and who her father was, showing off her family to others, that she belongs to someone with power and respect.

These two things can show Samia effects Abbonds male identity because in their culture, the man represents the family, and with Samia praising her new family to others, it may sway opinion and thought into Abbonds favor also a good ego boost. Sometime after the wedding, Samia had went to a club, and had one to many drinks that she could handle. When she had awakened and called for breakfast she had notice she has lost the ring he have given her on her birthday. In a panic, she searched for the ring to every place that came into her mind. Unforchantly she has no luck and can’t find it.

She draws to the conclusion that the woman who had brought her food before she was completely awake had taken it. Instead of confronting the woman, she confines innocent and meekly to her husband. Thou sudden, she finds that her husband can solve the problem a lot easier then she could. Looking for him to solve this puzzling mystery she tells him her hypothesis. As a response he calls the woman and interrogates her. The woman has no clue what was going on nor to where the ring was. The man now violently strikes the woman across her face and called the police.

This shows another form of dominoes in the aspect of portraying fear. Later Samia finds the ring and tells her husband of her mistake, but her husband disregards her words and claims that it could be an embracement. When she was much younger, the man would lightly sway his hand and grasp her cheek. In those times it was more or less a sign of the man saying “ Its okay. ” but this time it was more of a slap across the face then a tap of confidence. She then became quite and went back to her room. Later that day life went on, as if nothing happened.

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