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Ethic Awareness Inventory Essay

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The Ethic Awareness Inventory at the University of Phoenix was created to assist its students with their development of a deeper understanding of what their personal ethical perspective and style is. The online survey enables students to learn more about their Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity (CORE). According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory my ethical perspective is most likely to be based on obligation, and least likely to be based on equity. In this paper, I will describe the results of this inventory to my personal and professional development. The table below shows the results of my Ethic Awareness Inventory.

SCORING SUMMARYC O R EMOST 5955LEAST 52611COMBINED SCORE 07-1-6ObligationAccording to the results I tend to base my ethical perspective on an individual’s duty to do what is morally right. On this style is known for the reject the use of power or control to suppress opposition to the “accepted” perspective, embracing broad representation in ethical decision making. One thing that I hate is Micro Management. I think this type of management can be found almost everywhere and I don’t agree with it. My personal experience my employees work better and produce more when I let them do their work without being a Micro Manager. I think this is better for the workplace and the moral as a whole.

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EquityMy results reflected that my Ethic Style is least likely to be bases on Equity. This is due because I think that there are absolute standards of right and wrong. I don’t think that practical day-today experience is the only reasonable guide to action. I think that everyday there is something new to learn and a different way to do your job. I learned this during my military career were we are doing more with less. Also my university education has open my mind on this prospective.

ConclusionBefore beginning classes at the University of Phoenix Ethics were not something that I thought much about. After three years of classes and countless readings and understanding the principles of ethics I have learned there is an importance in managing ethics in the workplace as a professional. It holds tremendous benefits for organizations and its employees, both moral and practical.


University of Phoenix Open rEsource; retrieved 9 December 2007 from:http://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/eai/1-eai-intro.asp

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