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King Lear Test

Who was the first person to die?
First Servant

Who was the second person to die?

Who said this quote and who are they speaking to, “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth: I love you Majesty according to my bond; no more no less.”?
Cordelia to Lear

Who said this quote and who are they speaking to, “For that I am some twelve or fourteen moonshines lag of a brother? Why bastard? Wherefore base?”?
Edmund to himself

Oldest daughter of King Lear

Lear’s youngest daughter who is disowned by her father after telling the truth

Husband of Goneril

Lear’s middle daughter

Husband of Regan

Nobleman to king Lear; misjudges his own sons, and helps save Lear’s life

Gloucester’s oldest, legitimate son

treacherous, jealous, and amoral

ruthless and aggressive

gullible and hard to characterize because of his impressions

What was Edgar’s disguise name?
Poor Tom

Gloucester’s younger, illegitimate son who schemes to destroy others; wants desperately to steal his father’s title

bastard, schemer, and deceiver

Nobleman who is banished by King Lear because he was being honest, after he is banished he disguises himself so he can help Lear again

blunt and outspoken

Does Albany always agree with his wife and his sister and brother in law?

Domineering, cruel, and violent husband who works to persecute Lear and Gloucester

Husband who is kind at heart and thinks his wife has gone too far yet he does nothing to stop her and her helpers

Lear’s jester who speaks the truth now that Kent is gone

What does the fool always call Lear (besides nucle)?

Chief servant in Goneril’s house and helps with her conspiracies

What are the themes in King Lear?
justice, authority versus chaos, redemption, reconciliation

What are the motifs in King Lear?
death, betrayal, madness

When did Shakespeare live?

What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre?
The Globe

Where was Shakespeare buried?

What type of story is King Lear?

There is always _________ in a tragedy

Are problems solved in a tragedy?

Are problems solved in a comedy?
yes (ALL problems are solved)

In a comedy, what is there a lot of?

A history is a _______ ______ (with changes)
true story

There are _______ and ________ in a history story
wars; kings

Who did Cordelia marry?

Why did Burgundy give up Cordelia?
she no longer had an inheritance

France told Cordelia that she was a ________ in herself

What are some symbols found in King Lear?
blindness and the storm

Where is Cordelia now?

Does Kent think through his actions before he does them?

Once Gloucester gets one eye gouged out, who says they should take out the other one as well?

What does Lear consider Edgar or Poor Tom?
a philosopher

Who is the voice of reason in Lear’s life?

When Lear puts Goneril on trial what is he really talking to?
a stool

What does Poor Tom say is always following him?
the devil (or foul fiend)

After Edmund tells Cornwall about what his dad has been up to, what title does Cornwall give him?
Earl of Gloucester

Cornwall won’t kill Gloucester, but what will he do?
give him justice without a trial

Who is known as the one with a “neutral heart”?

Who tells Gloucester that his son Edmund betrayed him?

Who kills Cornwall?
First servant

Edmund says that if not by birth then he shall get land by ______.

When Lear arrives at Goneril’s house what does she want Oswald to tell him?
that she is sick

How old is Kent?

What does Oswald call Lear that makes him really mad?
My ladies father

What does Lear do to Goneril after she tells him he cannot have his 100 knights?
puts a curse on her and her future children

Does Lear feel remorse for the way he treated Cordelia?

Are Cornwall and Albany getting along?

What does Edmund do to make his lies about Edgar seem really believable?
he cuts himself

After Edmund is “wounded by Edgar” what two things does Gloucester do?
he disowns Edgar and sends soldiers after him

How is Edgar related to King Lear?
he is his godson

How many times does Kent insult Oswald?

What two things does Kent accuse Oswald of?
not being loyal or honest to the king

Does Gloucester think they should punish Kent?

What is the ultimate disrespect to Lear?
putting his man in the stocks

The Fool says things are going to get ________ than they already are

symbol for death

Regan wants Lear to ___________ to Goneril

What does Lear curse Regan with?
blindness, ugliness, and burnt skin

Lear would rather have ______ ________ than dismiss his knights
no roof

The number of knights Lear is allowed to have determines, what?
how much they love him

Storm is a…
motif for something bad happening

Why is the English land weak?
because Cornwall and Albany are fighting

What does Kent want his gentleman to give to Cordelia to show her that he is on her side?
a ring

Lear believes that those on the outside of the storm ______ sin and those inside the walls _______ sin
didn’t; did

What country does the Fool say will fall?

Where did Gloucester put the letter he got from France?
in his closet

If soldiers come looking for Gloucester what does he want Edmund to tell them?
that he is sick and went to bed

What is going on in Lear’s mind while out in the elements?
a tempest (storm)

Why does Lear think he was a bad leader?
because he didn’t understand hardship like his people

What does Lear assume drove Poor Tom crazy?
his daughters

Where is Edgar at the end of act 3?

play on words

the act of putting a person, thing, or event in some time where it does not belong

irregularity; something abnormal

when a character in a play utters his or her thoughts aloud

the audience knows something the characters do not
dramatic irony

play in which all the main characters suffer a downfall

noble or lofty character whose downfalls is a result of errors of his own
tragic hero

weakness or character trait that causes downfall
tragic flaw

a figure of speech in which something inanimate or intangible is addressed directly
apostrophe (ex. “oh grief, where hast thou led me?”)

an actor’s words heard by the audience but supposedly not heard by other characters on stage

Why was Poor Tom’s job before he was a beggar?

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